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All Work Warranted 90 days

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Marantz Specialist
Skilled technician with over 40 years experience

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    All restorations include:
  • Complete evaluation and estimate for your approval before work begins
  • Controls, switches, tuning mechanism and jacks cleaned and lubed
  • General cleaning of chassis, faceplate and knobs
  • Faceplate, knob and dial polishing
  • Lamps replaced with premium quality replacement LEDs. See Links page for more information 
  • Dial and meter filters replaced to restore original color (if required) 
  • Replacement of components that are out of specification or that have exceeded their service life
  • All glue removed from circuit boards
  • Heat sinks cleaned, new mica insulators and thermal compound installed
  • General alignment/adjustment to factory specifications
  • Complete performance test

I work on a first come, first served basis, wait time may be over 4 years I don't charge anyone a fee for place in the queue, I know I have some clients in it that are not going to avail themselves of my services when their 'turn' comes up. This probably makes the waiting time appear longer than it is. 

UPDATE 9/14/2012: I am suspending new additions to the queue until I can get the wait time down to something reasonable.  

Thank you for understanding.